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While everyone’s experience is different, giving birth is always extraordinary, and my mission is for you to hold your baby feeling like a superstar.

It all starts with the right preparation - a combination of pregnancy yoga and game-changing breathing techniques, combined with the best bits of hypnobirthing and antenatal education.

I know this because I am a certified birth geek. For the past eight years, I’ve studied it, read about it, watched it, and done it three times! When I’m not looking after my kids, I’m thinking about birth, and how I can improve it for other people.

As well as the theory, I have seen the reality of birth from my role as a doula. In one case, this even meant me catching the baby before the midwife arrived!

I’ve used this knowledge to design a modern and realistic approach that is evidence-based and rooted in science. 

The language of birth leaves a lot to be desired. “I’m not allowed” and “They won’t let me” are phrases I hear all too often. If you follow my approach, you’ll feel confident, prepared for the ups and downs, but at all times, empowered to speak your own voice. 

I understand the mixture of emotions you feel from the day you discover you’re pregnant to the early days with a newborn who unfortunately doesn’t come with a manual. Through my classes, therefore, I create a community and support network, whether virtually or in your local area.

Becoming a parent is a journey. You can’t just learn it all in the space of a few weeks. I aim to be there with you the whole way. 

Carly x

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Carly is an amazing person to know and work with during pregnancy! I discovered her hypnobirthing course at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed about giving birth, and found the course to be reassuring, relatable and just the right amount of information. My husband and I both felt informed and confident after the zoom call series and enjoyed taking these calls from our living room! Her yoga classes are also awesome! Carly is great, highly recommend to anyone wanting to know more about hypnobirthing and active labour to feel more prepared!

Punam & Ben




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