Tuesdays, 7.00pm-9.30pm for 4 weeks, Online, £295

Saturday's, 12pm-5pm for 2 weeks, In Person - Finsbury Park, Haringey, Harringay, Tottenham, Crouch End, £350

I have taken the best elements of all of my training and created an in-depth course that gives you complete and empowering birth preparation.

Course content:

  • Getting the birth you want.

  • Hypnobirthing, learning to work with your body and your mind.

  • How to release fear about birth and build confidence.

  • Understanding the vital role of hormones during labour and birth.

  • The physiology and mechanics of birth; how science underpins everything.

  • Loads of relaxation audios, scripts, and guided breath practices.

  • How to manage labour - breathing techniques, relaxation and massage.

  • Practising labour and birth positions.

  • The role of the birth partner and how they can support both physically and emotionally. Being a doula means I can appreciate the vital role of a birth partner. After attending my course, your partner will come away with a thorough understanding of what their part will be and how they can support you on the big day.

  • Your birthright, choices, options and having your voice heard above all else.

  • Pain relief options.

  • Induction, intervention and C-sections - what to do if your birth takes a slightly different path.

  • Writing your birth plan.

  • Early hours, days and weeks of parenting.

  • Group reunion once the babies are born. 

As well as all that, you will receive:

  • Access to my free, online demonstrations of the best labour and birth positions, how the baby moves through the pelvis and how to do pelvic floor exercises.

  • A digital course booklet that supports everything (and more) that you will learn on the course.

  • Birth plan tips and a template.

  • Tips for the early hours, days and weeks with a newborn. 

  • My ongoing support throughout pregnancy and the early weeks with your baby.

  • Access to WhatsApp groups of other parents-to-be so you can start building your baby community from early pregnancy.

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